IWC 2011: afterthoughts – back to the brink

  One would never have known it, observing the celebratory scene in the room after the close of business on Day Four of IWC 63, as old friends and enemies said goodbye to one another for yet another year, but the International Whaling Commission passed through a watershed in Jersey.  I was so stunned and […]

IWC 2011 Day Four: the long and the short of it all

It turns out that yesterday’s unity may have been more of a lapse than a sign that real progress for whales might be achieved in the fractured body that is the IWC. The morning began with an outline of the Order of Business for the last day of this 2011 meeting: Safety at Sea; Sanctuaries; […]

IWC 2011 Day Three: moving molasses

It has been a very long time since I could end a day at an IWC meeting reporting something positive, apart from the camaraderie that accompanies these annual excursions into the world of real whale politik, as seen through the eyes of the vanishing breed called whalers, and newly minted whale lovers.  For about as […]

IWC 2011 Day Two: time wasting

It didn’t take long this morning, for the slightly rosy glow at the end of yesterday to vanish.  The morning session was supposed to open with the report of the Finance and Administration Committee, but Japan managed to have the “Safety at Sea” agenda item moved forward.  As a result, the first part of the […]

IWC 2011 Day One: the same old lines

Jersey is a pleasant and friendly place of about 100,000 souls, close enough to France to have more than a sprinkling of French names for streets, and close enough to England to have the familiar sound of cheerful English voices warbling out of pubs and cafes. Outside the city of St Heliers, green fields surrounded […]

May there be Light: IWC 2011 opening thoughts

May there be Light: IWC 2011 opening thoughts Our work with whales ranges from the joyous to the patient to the intolerable.  The latter, intolerable, is a comment about numerous violations of fairness and reason on our blue planet, but here in particular about the International Whaling Commission (IWC) which was established in 1946 as […]