as the seasons change

Suddenly, it’s winter!  We’ll try to tell you more about what happened during the fall, soon, but for the moment, just want to share with you our experience of the full moon eclipse at the winter solstice, the first such in 372 years.  We were in Victoria, and the moon appeared only briefly, between dark cloud shadows, as it made its way towards totality.  After it disappeared, we never saw it emerge, though we know it did.  Over the years, we have witnessed eclipses of the moon many times, but this one caused us to reflect on the passage of time, and the times we live in.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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  1. Brent Wall says:

    happy happy happpy too! you two!
    I too missed the occasion, although here it were to be about 3, and I were out there looking, sleepily thinking: what luck, I must have got out here “just in time” : it’s totally dark out here, but then wondered why come no stars?, and it came as a cloudcover unto me too.
    love viva la 2011 too 🙂

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