boiling blood

Sea World has gone way, way over the top (down past the bottom) in its treatment of Tilikum since the OSHA report on Dawn Brancheau’s death, with its criticism and paltry fine, came down a week ago.  Instead of providing Tilikum with as much stimulation and company as possible, given the OSHA requirement that trainers no longer be able to personally interact with him, Sea World has him in solitary confinement, totally without stimulation.   Beyond being tossed food from a distance, he is reduced to gnawing his remaining teeth on the bars of his cage in order to feel something.

Here is a current report on Tillicum, received today:

I have some friends who went to visit Tilikum yesterday and their report is quite sad. They obtained free passes and spent 2 days with him. On Monday, prior to closing the park, they moved him into the dine with shamu pool by himself. My friends watched him in the pool the entire day, from 9:30AM – 6:30PM. During this time he had no interaction with any other orcas. Trainers came by 3 times to feed him and then left. No play, no toys, nothing beyond food. They said he spent the overwhelming majority of his time logging in the corner the entire day. The only time he really moved was when he heard the music from the stadium, swam to the gate to look, and then started chewing on the bars with what is left of his teeth.

Although SW is publically telling people about all the interaction he is getting with the other orcas and with stimulation from trainers, my friends’ report seems quite the opposite and it is just heartbreaking.

It’s enough to make one’s blood boil.  How dare they?

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  1. Courtney says:

    That is horrible. I can’t imagine how bored and fustrated Tilkcum must be right now.

  2. gotmywish says:

    How can they get away with it!!? That is awful beyond belief. I think only veal calves are treated as badly but not for as long.

    Is there any regulators I can contact to ask them what they are doing about it? I can’t see Seaworld changing their behaviour because of my email. I want to speak up about this.

  3. Norma says:

    It SURE makes my blood boil too!! How dare they indeed… I actually cried when reading this…. If they don’t want him any longer, SET HIM FREE or euthanize him, but this is soooooooooooo cruel…. 🙁

  4. Jeff says:

    Unfortunately he is too important to their breeding program, which seems like all they want him for at this point.

    I would like to think, and hope, there are days when he gets attention and interaction from the trainers, and gets to share time with the other orcas.

    But the point of this that gets my blood boiling is that even one day like described here is unacceptable. It is clearly not what he would choose. If we heard a report of one of the residents going off on their own and floating around the same place for an entire day it would create a lot of concern and would be a sign of something wrong. This just isn’t how they live.

    The ideal is to stop the breeding and send him to a sea pen for retirement with companions.

  5. Luen says:

    It’s hard to believe people use this creature for our enjoyment and to make profit. It’s even worse that people punish this creature by putting him in complete isolation. Therefore the animal becomes no use for them. We aren’t really doing anything to correct the problem, only making messing with his mind. Animals can’t speak to us. We, human beings wont admit to animal welfare. If Tilly was able to speak he would tell us his needs and wants.

  6. Joanna McCarty says:

    I’m SICK to my stomach ! My children and I try to find any info we can on Tilikum every day. I’m so grateful that you posted this. Real updating from real people, thank you!

  7. MonkZ says:

    This is just so wrong in every way..Orca should not be kept in captivity, and the only way we can stop this abuse is to bring this to the attention of 1.The people who are going to visit these prisons & 2. Well over here in England anyway, is to lobby the Travel agents association (A.B.T.A.) and show and tell them what is going on in these places, and try and cut off the hand that feeds them…

  8. Marine Perre says:

    I was was doing research and impressed by the information you have. Just exactly what I wanted also. Thanks

  9. kathie martlew says:

    I like to see any fish in the wild
    not in a concret cadge especially
    large fish like orcas and whales
    I personally would like all big fish
    like orkas and whales put back
    into the sea where they belong.

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