the return of summer

The forest floor is starting to go reddish-orange around here, as the cedars shed their summer cloak, and the mornings have a distinct chill about them that comes with fog and feels like fall.  So we know the season is changing.   From what has been happening with the orcas lately, though, you’d think we were […]

when the (resident) orcas are away

It’s been rather uncanny over the years, to note how often the space left by absent resident orcas is filled by transient orcas, who somehow manage to show up and save a thin whale watching day.  It is difficult to know whether this is a real phenomenon, or an observational artifact.  One might  reasonably suppose […]

boiling blood

Sea World has gone way, way over the top (down past the bottom) in its treatment of Tilikum since the OSHA report on Dawn Brancheau’s death, with its criticism and paltry fine, came down a week ago.  Instead of providing Tilikum with as much stimulation and company as possible, given the OSHA requirement that trainers […]