When used in relation to British Columbia’s Northern Resident orca community, the term “superpod” refers to a gathering of more than 50 orcas that includes families from all three of the community’s “clans” – A, G, and R.   Pretty much every year, superpods come together in the Johnstone Strait area, creating a truly impressive spectacle […]

party animals

“Party animals” the I15s are, and apparently ever have been.  Their social behaviour now is no different than it was years ago, when the females in the group appeared to draw male attention so consistently that we called them “the love pod”.  The group’s then young boys have since grown or are growing up, so […]

some sockeye

The word “some” sometimes means more than a little, as in Winston Churchill’s famous “some chicken, some neck” rejoinder to the comment that Britain would be pummeled into surrender within 3 weeks of an invasion during the early days of Word War II. During the last week, we’ve seen a perfect illustration of this semantic, […]

July: a long way between bites

This summer (2010) in Johnstone Strait seems “normal” in some ways, but there have been worrying aspects to what is happening too.  The first arrivals came pretty much when we expected them, early in July (3rd).  As usual, they were an “A” clan matriline, this time the A36 brothers, Plumper (A37) and Kaikash (A46).  They […]

A mother and daughter

Simoom (A34) was born in 1975, so she is 35 years old and in the prime of her life as a female orca.  In a way, Simoom’s is a very ordinary orca story – a girl growing up in a tight-knit family, having kids at a normal age, thriving as a member of her extended […]