Happy New Year! – December 31st 2007

Oil spill investigation update – December 21st 2007

Unusually benign winter weather conditions during the past 3 weeks have assisted the underwater investigation of  the aftermath of the tragic August 20th oil spill in Robson Bight.  A mini sub operated by Nuytco Research (http://www.nuytco.com) under government contract has located and documented (in high resolution video) all the equipment that fell 350m to the […]

Corky’s saddest day – December 11th 2007

Incredibly, this December 11th marks the 38th anniversary of Corky’s capture in 1969.  We say “incredibly” for several reasons.  One is that Corky, who has held the record for captive orca longevity for decades, is still alive despite her circumstances.  Surrounded by concrete walls, shut off from every natural ocean sound, circling her tank around […]