IWC day four – May 31st 2007

In a fit of pique reminiscent of a schoolyard boy who takes his collection of pretty marbles home because no-one wants to play the game his way, Japan ended this final day of IWC 59 with a video presentation extolling the virtues of Yokohama as the host city for IWC 61 in 2009… and then, […]

IWC day three – May 30th 2007

The attempt at camaraderie that characterized the opening day of this meeting, and spilled over into Day Two (with occasional lapses) broke out into more familiar sniping and even open warfare during today’s long session. By the time the meeting broke up, after 10pm, the two camps (pro & anti whaling) seemed as irreconcilable as […]

IWC day two – May 29th 2007

Once every 5 years the IWC gets down to what some members (Japan&Co) regard as its real business, deciding how many whales to kill. The US came into this meeting with a single objective, and first thing this morning it achieved it. Before the coffee break, by a consensus accompanied by lavish praise for science […]

IWC day one – May 28th 2007

Day One of the 59th annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) began in an ordinary enough way, with a prayer, welcoming speeches by dignatories, and a wonderful performance by Alaskan and Siberian native drummers and dancers that left the audience impressed and energized. Perhaps it was the charm, or the waft of fresh […]

IWC 59 set to open in Anchorage – May 27th 2007

An oddly surreal air pervades the hallways of the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, Alaska, where the 59th meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) is set to open Monday morning. Security is tight. All entrances to every conceivable space associated with the meeting are guarded, often twice, photo IDs are mandatory and inspected at […]