IWC St Kitts wrapup – June 22nd 2006

IWC St Kitts wrapup A Wakeup Call Pro-whale forces left the 58th meeting of the International Whaling Commission in St. Kitts bloodied but not beaten. It wasn’t exactly like dodging a bullet, but things didn’t turn out as badly for whales as many thought would happen. Japan, which has invested hundreds of millions of USD […]

Going out with a whimper and a bang – June 20th 2006

IWC St. Kitts Day 5 Going out with a whimper, and a bang Day 5 of IWC 58 began with a leisurely discussion of the pros & costs of formally introducing French as an official language in the proceedings of the Commission. Numerous Francaphone nations have joined the IWC at Japan’s behest in recent years, […]

Business as usual – June 19th 2006

IWC St. Kitts Day Four Business as usual After the drama of the past days, Day 4 at the St. Kitts IWC meeting was somewhat anticlimactic. No votes were taken, and the only resolution passed by consensus (with St. Kitts registering an objection but not forcing a vote). In essence, without mentioning names, the resolution […]

Back to the dark ages – June18th 2006

IWC St. Kitts Day Three Back to the Dark Ages Something akin to pandemonium broke out at the St. Kitts meeting of the International Whaling Commission today, with pro-whaling delegates cheering and applauding even before Japan’s first victory was announced. The late afternoon vote was on the “St. Kitts Declaration”, a document from the host […]

Japan loses again but gains ground – June 17th 2006

IWC St. Kitts Day 2 Japan loses again but gains ground Japan lost another vote on the second day of this 58th IWC meeting, but this time it was expected. At issue was Japan’s perennial request to start up “small type” coastal whaling in its home waters. Japan used to ask permission to kill 50 […]

A sea of change for whales? – June 15th 2006

IWC 58: A sea change for whales? Lush, tropical, beautiful, the Caribbean island of St. Kitts is the host of IWC 58, the 2006 meeting of the International Whaling Commission. The federation of St. Kitts & Nevis is one of 6 Caribbean nations which have collectively received a total of over $100 million US in […]

Springer’s 4th anniversary – July 14th 2006

Springer’s 4th anniversary July 14th, 2006 marks the 4th anniversary of Springer’s repatriation. The little orphan orca, who’s dramatic rescue and return to her family captivated the world in 2002, is now 6 years old and a fully functional member of her A4 pod and Northern Resident orca community. Springer was in her usual place […]