Good news for gray whales – December 23rd 2002

On December 20th, the Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled in favour of gray whales by ordering the U.S. government to conduct a full environmental assessment of the impact of proposed Makah whaling before any more gray whales are killed. The decision is a huge victory for gray whales and opponents of the hunt […]

Corky begins 34th captive year – December 11th 2002

December 11 2002 marks the 33rd anniversary of the sad winter night Corky’s family entered Pender Harbour in British Columbia amidst a howling storm – perhaps the family was seeking shelter, perhaps they were seeking the 7 members who had gone missing in the same place the year before, or perhaps their entry was simply […]

Springer update and CD now available – December 10th 2002

The return of little orphaned orca Springer (A73) to her home waters in British Columbia was in the end accomplished smoothly and with little fuss. Within days of her release on July 15th Springer was among her kin and the larger community to which she belongs. She spent the summer roaming around with them, socialising […]