Still looking good! – September 20th 2002

Still looking good! Springer (A73) has spent almost all of the time since our last update in the Johnstone Strait “core area” so we have had many opportunities to observe her. She’s looking great & has been solidly among a large group of orcas from the A clan that has been together for weeks and […]

Springer continues to thrive! – September 4th 2002

Springer (A73) continues to thrive in the company of some of her closest family members along with many other orcas. It is now just over six weeks since Springer was released back into her home waters. In that time we think Springer has probably encountered every matriline in the northern resident orca community. Whether Springer […]

Keiko needs our help – September 3rd 2002

Hello everyone, We’re writing to ask for your help in dealing with an URGENT problem Keiko has run into… Norway. As you may know, Keiko has been swimming free in the North Atlantic for more than a month now… during this time he traversed the ocean between Iceland and Norway, finally arriving near the coastal […]